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Everyday Lace is the fabulous debut knitting title by Heather Zoppetti. I say debut because the crazy woman is already working on her second book. Let’s be honest, it’s very difficult to review a book when it’s written by your best friend, but here we go!

I’ve known about this book for a very, very long time. I saw the proposal sketches and swatches for this book when she pitched it to Interweave. I’ve seen pictures of probably every single design in progress. We’ve done late night texting sessions as she burned the midnight oil finishing projects. So I know it was a labor of love. So I figure the best way to review it is just to tell you what I love best. And also to encourage you to take a look at this book even if you are a lace beginner. Heather has an amazing companion dvd from Interweave that will help you get started on your lace knitting adventures.

Everyday_Lace_-_Conestoga_Tunic_beauty_shot_medium2 @Joe Hancock

Hands-down, the Conestoga Tunic is my favorite pattern in the book. I love the open lacework and shoulders, and I’m obsessed with layering pieces lately. Also the linen yarn would give it lots of wearability here down South.

Everyday_Lace_-_Kirkwood_Vest_beauty_shot_medium2@Joe Hancock

My second favorite is the Kirkwood Vest. Again with the layering pieces, of course! This is perfect for those in between weather days, and the silky merino yarn is one of my all time favorites.

The book contains a lot of sidebars and helpful information that will help out even experienced lace knitters. And it gives dedicated shawl knitters a new way to apply their lace knitting mastery to beautiful garments and non-shawl accessories!

And now for the Scavenger Hunt! Hopefully you’ve been following along, but if not head over there and you can get the details and the other stops! So for today’s hunting we have two questions.

Heather asks: Are the Swatara Socks worked toe-up or cuff-down? Everyday_Lace_-_Swatara_Socks_beauty_shot_medium2

@Joe Hancock

And I ask: What is the most popular pattern in my Seven Sonnets collection?

So collect your answers for fabulous prizes – tomorrow’s scavenger hunt stop is Rohn Strong.


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