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Volunteering is tiring. I have no clue why I am still awake. I really think right now is prime time for sleeping. But I need to blog, so blog I will.
Today it was kind a run around like a chicken with your head cut off sort of day. The big boy had his wilderness camping trip this weekend. We packed his bag last night.  So that tonight when it was time to drop him off at the Scout hut, he would be Ready. Yes, that capital R was on purpose. I looked at everything he had laid out and approved it, and it was good.

Tonight when we arrive at the Scout hut at 5:35 (five minutes late) he realizes he has forgotten his Scout book. So I ask him, “Is it that important? Did you remember your hoodie?” And no he did not remember his hoodie. And it’s gonna be cold this weekend. So I raced back home to get him his hoodie and his book. Then I raced back home to prepare this for a charity auction.


Forgive the shoddy picture. It was dark and this was too big to put in my lightbox. It’s the Ultimate Brownie Basket. I put in that nifty As Seen On TV brownie pan, two boxes of brownie mix, Reese’s chips, Andes Chips, and walnuts. All you need to make super delicious brownies. And the man wrapped it up all nifty for me.

But I’m exhausted and tomorrow brings more things to do so I’m to bed. Hopefully tomorrow will include more knitting and less running around.


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