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How many words can you think of that begin with extra? I’m running out of juice on that front. But that aside, the E-Book Extravaganza is still ongoing. Today we are featuring The Seven Sonnets, seven lovely shawlettes in different construction types that are named after poets. For the next two days you can use the coupon code “extra56” and get half off of The Seven Sonnets.

First is Yeats, worked sideways with short row garter wedges to offset the lace!


Next up is Longfellow, worked crescent style in the amazing Verdant Gryphon Mithril.


Third to bat is Whitman, also worked sideways, but with long columns of lace.


And the fourth sonnet is Wendell Holmes, worked top down with fancy lace edging.


And don’t forget you can still make your own e-book. Choose 7 PicnicKnits patterns from my store, and apply the code “extraspecial” and you get all seven for only $18.95!


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  1. Alicia

    I LOVE your 7 sonnets collection so much! Especially Poe and Longfellow… so gorgeous.


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