Extravaganza Day Three

by | Oct 15, 2013 | Uncategorized

You might think I started up this little e-book thing because I was running out of things to blog about. You would be partially right. I forgot that when I force myself to write everyday I sometimes get a bit Eeyore-ish. But talking about fun projects that I am proud of  makes me happy, so there you go!
Today (and tomorrow’s) special is half off of my first planned collection – the Seven Songs – so you can get it today and tomorrow for 50% off!! Use the coupon code “extra34” for that deal. The Seven Songs is one where I actually planned out names and themes for the shawls – each one a different construction. And here are the first three songs…

Debussy – a top down triangle without a spine. It’s spineless! Get it? Ok, maybe not.


Delius – crescent shaped with large, lovely leaf motifs.


And Stravinsky – worked from the bottom up with an ornate lace border.


Now say, you like some of these songs, but you don’t want the whole collection? No worries! The Make Your Own E-Book deal is still going on. Use the code “extraspecial”, choose your favorite seven patterns from my store, and the total cost is only $18.95!


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