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In my part of the world, fall is the perfect time of year to wear shawls. It’s not always cold enough to wear a sweater or a coat, but sometimes you still need something to take that edge off. And if you’ve been knitting for any length of time you’ve probably been encouraged (ahem… coerced, peer pressured, persuaded) into knitting a shawl. If not, remind me to tell you about them sometime– they’re super fun to knit, usually involve interesting construction, fun patterns and sometimes some color play.

1- Jen & Stacie

But if you’re anything like me, figuring out how to wear shawls can be tricky. If you flip through the latest fashion magazine or your favorite Pinterest inspiration boards you won’t likely see anyone wearing a shawl. A cowl or scarf? Perhaps. But that doesn’t always translate. You’ve invested all this time knitting something beautiful but you want it to actually look beautiful when you put it together with an outfit. To help, I’ve compiled 6 great shawl looks and some bonus tips to make your hand knit shawls part of your fall style.

Look 1: Wear a shawl like a shrug

Kristine is shown here wearing her Caritas shawl. It’s a semi circular shawl that can be worn in many ways, but I think it looks especially nice worn as a shrug with the ends tied behind. I also love how the pinks tones in the shawl highlight the pops of pink in Kristine’s top, socks & earrings. It really brings the outfit together.

2-KristineTip: Choose a shawl in a similar color family as your favorite accessories to tie your outfit together.

Find Kristine on Instagram as kdlb & Yarnings Podcast

Look 2: Kerchief style with ends tucked

This is my personal favorite way of wearing shawls. It’s usually referred to as kerchief or bandana style. I love that it’s quick and doesn’t take much adjusting throughout the day. I put the point of a triangular shawl (or the widest part of a crescent shaped shawl) in front and tuck the ends underneath. I usually secure the ends with a shawl pin, clip or sometimes a stitch marker (in a pinch).

3- Jen Gray ShawlTip: Wear clothes and a shawl that are all neutral and then add splash of color with your shoes or jewelry.

4- Jen Gray Pink ShawlTip: If you wear a lot of plain colors (especially for tops), consider choosing yarn(s) for a shawl project that are bright and saturated. Even if you rarely wear a color like hot pink, adding it (especially in combination with other colors you’re more comfortable with) can be a great way to expand your horizons without stepping too far outside your comfort zone.

Find Jen on Instagram as BostonJen1

Look 3: Kerchief style with ends exposed

This look is similar to the last, though notice how Coralie has tied her shawl with most of the body of the shawl in front, but with the ends woven through and tied. I think this really makes the most of this shawl’s colors and textures. I also love that, set over a very neutral outfit, the addition of the peach adds some warm color up near Coralie’s face.

Tip: A shawl, especially with more than one color, adds a little something extra to an otherwise monochromatic outfit.

5- CoralieFind Coralie on Instagram as Cool_cocotte

Look 4: Shawl meets Scarf

6- EmiliaEmilia is wearing her Lintilla. I love how you can see the beautiful curve of the shawl in the front but the ruffled, long edges also look beautiful as they stream down her torso. The red in the scarf brings a bright pop of red close to her face and ties in the colors in her outfit nicely. The overall effect is similar to a scarf, but as we knitters know- knitting a shawl, even a narrow one is just that much more interesting than knitting a scarf! So go with what works for you.

Find Emilia on Instagram as Emilcarv1963

Tip: Look through your closet to see what colors you wear most. Choose yarn for a shawl based on what colors you’re drawn too and are likely to easily mix and match with multiples things already in your closet.

Look 5: The Sideways Shawl

7- Stacie SidewaysWearing your shawl with the majority of the fabric draped to one side is a beautiful look. Stacie looks lovely with her Tan House Brook shawl over an otherwise simple dress. You can tuck the ends of the shawl under and pin them to keep them out of sight.

Find Stacie on Instagram as muststashsheep & the Must Stash Video Podcast

8- Jen SidewaysAs an alternative, you could wrap or tie the ends of the shawl around on the opposite shoulder to add a little visual interest on both sides while maintaining and asymmetrical look.

Tip: Use a shawl pin to hold the shawl in place and to replace the need for jewelry (or to add a little extra bling to your outfit).

Look 6: Go Traditional

9-LornaWhile there are lots of ways to wear shawls, let’s not discount the traditional, shoulder-wrap look. It’s classic for a reason, and with stunning yarn and pattern combinations it won’t look anything like the ads and patterns you’ve seen in your grandmother’s magazines! What an easy way to dress up a simple outfit and make it something memorable (while also keeping you snug and warm)!

Find Lorna on Instagram as winky52

I hope these tips give you some new ideas and inspiration for incorporating your handmade shawls into your everyday style this season! Please come share how you wear shawls by posting on Instagram with #fallshawlstyle.

Jennifer Lassonde is knitter and designer. She hosts the Down Cellar Studio Podcast where she shares her love of knitting and other crafty pursuits (like sewing, scrapbooking and photography). Check out Jen’s blog for knitting, photography and family fun related articles.



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