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It seems so hard to get in family time lately. It feels like just yesterday we had loaded everything we owned up in a truck and moved from Ohio to Florida with two very little boys.


And now I have these man sized boys. Tomorrow night we drive to Orlando for my oldest son’s 2nd football game. When they say away game they mean away! And my youngest is quickly going to be taller than me. He’s the only one I get time with. Of course most of that time is the commute back and forth to school.

I’m starting to realize that I need to plan family stuff first and let the rest of life work around it. Of course that is easier said than done. The man has work, the boys have school, the oldest has football, and the youngest now wants to go to the gym everyday to get ready for football next year.

And I have this little business that I am trying to run and stay on top to pay for it all. Well not pay for it all. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could make grown up money easily with knit designing? Really it seems like what I pay for is boy stuff. And these boys are expensive.

We bought Disney passes last Thanksgiving. And of course we haven’t used them nearly enough. So to remedy that I have decided that we as a family are going to Disney on Saturday. We’re going to all be in Orlando anyhow. We have passes. And it would suck to have to drive back the 2.5-3 hours home after a late night football game anyhow. For Saturday it will just be the four of us. And from now on I’m going to plan family things more often. And work to make things a little less crazy around here so we can take advantage of the time we do have!

To rack up a little Disney fun money and because feeding teenage boys at Disney isn’t cheap even with a bag full of snacks, I’m having you guessed it, a little sale. For today and tomorrow (August 29th & 30th) use the code “family” to get Buy One Get One Free on all PicnicKnits e-books and patterns. You can shop in the store here!

And if you have any fabulous ideas on how to carve out more family fun in these crazy times, let me know would ya? Because somedays I feel accomplished if I simply get everybody fed, clothed, and to the places they need to go!


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  1. YarnAddictAnni

    I know how you feel. My girls are 15 & 18. The 18 yo is starting university in 2 weeks. So this weekend we are taking her to London while her sister is in Spain with my parents.
    I do try to avoid work (apart from knitting) on weekends & definitely on Sundays. Doesn’t always mean the girls want to go out with us though. Quite often Simon & I have days out on our own. I think the girls,are preparing us for the ’empty nest’ years coming up soon. At least we get time together as a couple but I do miss the girls.

    Enjoy Disney. Not been since 1989, when I was 18.


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