February is the cruelest month…

by | Feb 12, 2009 | Uncategorized

Stinky things seem to happen in February. 2 years ago big dude broke his arm. This year we have a repeat. This morning I fought with financial aid again. That was lovely. And other stinky smelly no good things have been happening all week. But I say no more! Tomorrow I will reclaim February for goodness and light. I will rescue it from the dark side.
Either that or I will hole up in my closet with some knitting and wait for it to pass.


But hey, this is pretty, yes? These are the January Socks from Sugarbee‘s Naughty Girls Need Knit Socks Too Club. Yes the name is a mouthful. But if you were in it, you would get it. For the January installment we spent a lot of time mulling over a very important decision. And after much careful consideration we decided which picture of Bettie Page yielding a whip was the perfect one. Never a dull moment with Sugarbee.

And oh don’t forget. Do-over tomorrow!


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