February is the new January

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I really hate it when they do that. “Brown is the new black”. No it’s not. It’s brown. And yes, brown has become more of a wardrobe staple than it was in the past. But go try telling all the goth kids to start wearing brown. Maybe a nice tweedy chocolate? Yeah, right.

Speaking of chocolate, my dieting resolutions have already sputtered out. Well, not so much sputtered. More like I did a spectacular cliff dive into a lake of chocolate ala Willy Wonka.

And I was thinking about knitting vs. dieting. How they are similiar. The effort to result ratio that is. Losing a bunch of weight is like knitting a cabled sweater, or a beautiful lace shawl. Lots of hardwork, but the end result is so very much worth it. And you can strut around with pride in your new shawl (or your new butt) and just bask in the compliments.

And then there’s quick and dirty dieting. A couple of days of frenzied effort to drop a few pounds of water weight. So you can wear your rings again and your face won’t look quite so puffy in your new work ID card. Kind of like fuzzy feet. Or a washcloth. A short spurt of crazy knitting yields you something little and cute.

Of course maybe it’s like one of those crazy big knit ponchos. Yarn the width of a garden hose, size 75 needles. And you’re all proud of yourself until you wear it out. And realize that you look like a schmuck. Just like the water weight comes screaming back as soon as you eat a single lay’s potato chip. And who can eat just one?

There are differences though. Dieting is about deprivation. Knitting is about burying yourself in piles of gorgeous yarn. And then there’s the whole UFO issue.

UFO. UnFinished Object. Knitters are famous for their UFO’s. Like my Rogue. I pick it up, I put it down. I’ve been working on it off and on since August. But everytime I pick it up, it is just where I left it. No stitches have unravelled. Just as much progress as I expected. No backsliding. It’s a beautiful thing.

You can’t leave dieting in UFO status though. You can’t *stop* dieting and then pick up back where you left off. Nope. If you stop and ignore it for awhile your butt will get bigger. And don’t even try on those rings. Who are you kidding?

Happy New Year folks. Come February 1st I’ll be toasting you with rice cakes and um, rice cakes. At least I can still gorge myself on yarn.

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  1. Jennifer

    A good yarn purchase can be very satisfying!


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