Figure eight is double four…

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Well the stash is starting to sell. If you wanna make an offer on something, please let me know. I’m also seeking happy money vibes that some checks I’m expecting come in the mail today. That would talk me off the ledge.
But today is not about money. Today is about the greatness of eight. Eh, not really. I’m trying to think of foods that relate to eight. The boys are having a sleepover guest tonight, and we try to do fun food. But eight is hard. I could give them eight of something, but that’s kind of boring. Any suggestions?

Today is the start of the Ravelympics. I have chosen four projects for the WIPs Wrestling event and I’m competing for Team Copper Boom!


I’m a bit of a Gilmore Girls fanatic. With the exception of season 7, I’ve seen every episode multiple times. I know when I’m gonna cry, I know when I’m gonna laugh. It’s one of my favorite shows ever. If you’re not a fan, the “Copper Boom” phrase is kind of Gilmore-speak for hurry up, or get going. So it’s perfect for the Ravelympics. Here are my Ravelympic Gold contenders….

The Modern Quilt Wrap


The Black Bonny Cardigan


Deaton Sock #2


Wormy Sock #2


If you really think I’ll get half of this finished, I love you. I have a long history of joining Knit-A-Longs and turning into a flake, a Cornflake Girl. I wonder where that CD is. Hmmm…. If you ever meet me in person, you’ll understand my lack of segue. Or the seques that no one understands. But I digress.

Go Team Copper Boom!


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