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by | Sep 11, 2015 | Uncategorized

Sorry y’all for missing a week. The last month has just been nothing but hogwash around here. Concussions, car accidents, and all the associated nonsense that comes with such non fun times. Hogwash I tell you. But I’m back in the saddle. The concussed boy is all healed up. The wrecked Jeep is nearly repaired, and the man who was driving the Jeep is just fine minus some aches and pains.
So back to work! Well I’ve been working like crazy – just not stuff y’all can see yet. And today I have two lovely options for Format Friday – two pretty things made out of Sincere Sheep yarns that I worked up a couple of year ago. Gosh has it been two years? Time flies!


Brindille is an asymmetrical shawl worked up in an Estonian lace pattern with beads instead of nupps – just say no to nupps!


And Sarla is a reversible shawl worked from the bottom up beginning with an angular lace pattern with simple repeating lace rows. It’s a perfect opportunity to learn to read charts – even though writtens are provided as well.

Both of these patterns are 50% off this weekend – no coupon code required. Happy Format Friday!



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