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The 7th sonnet is *finally* off the needles. It took a bit longer than planned, partly because of the holiday, but mostly because the plague descended upon my entire family in various incarnations. But everyone is well, Christmas has been managed, and I’m playing catch-up with all of my deadlines!

I waffled on the edging for this one until the very last minute. I actually had a different, slightly complicated 8-row chart plotted out when I thought maybe not. Maybe something different might be nice. And nice it is. And I can’t wait to see how it blocks out!

I’m hoping once I get this outside after blocking that I will be able to show you just how gorgeous this Byzantium colorway is – the pics today are indoor light. But I have to say again, the Breathless base from Shalimar Yarn is a total dream to work with!


Mustache Coaster Included For Scale Only

So come the 1st of January it will be available for all the world. And all of the Seven Sonnets will be published. I would love to say I’ll be taking some time off now that this project is finished but that would be a big fat lie. Next!

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  1. Miriam

    Free time, what’s that? No resting those needles then.


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