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Next Wednesday is the first day of school. Hopefully come then I can get back on a reasonable schedule and stop buying all the things. I adore my boys and I miss them when school is in session, but this summer has been rough. My older son had football practice nearly every weekday, so it’s been hard to plan stuff. I actually think next summer will be easier because both boys will be on the same football schedule.
This is my one and only year with the boys at two different schools. Hopefully we won’t have too much trouble with that. The schools don’t start at the same time (half-hour stagger) and my older one won’t get picked up until nearly dinner time most days while football is in season. It will definitely be interesting.

As for me I’m settling back into a more “normal” designing routine after some huge deadlines. Normal being relative and overrated of course. I’m actually in the process of doing a massive cleanout of my desk and designing tools to help me get back on track. And today we will be casting on with this gorgeous yarn…


This is Baah! La Jolla in the gorgeous light turquoise shade called Maldives. One skein is all you need for the fourth sheep. Which will be released on August 21st (or before!!). So if you don’t own the Seven Sheep, get on over to Ravelry and buy it! That way you’ll be sure to get the new pattern as soon as it comes out.

Speaking of buying patterns, to get me over this final back to school hump I’m having one last back to school BOGO (buy one get one free) sale to help offset all the expenses. These young men (I can’t really call them boys anymore sadly) I have in my house not only eat me out of house and home – they are expensive to clothe! Of course it could be worse – they could be girls!

So use the code “finish” to get Buy One Get One Free on anything in the PicnicKnits pattern store. Including the lovely Cassian, which is now available for individual download from my store! The code is good for this weekend only.




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