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I am not an accomplished spinner. I think I could be, if I actually spent some time on it. This weekend I spent some time on it, and I actually made some yarn. The last time I spun was last year’s Fiber-In. Yes, I know, that’s sad. I think I need to pick one day a week and carve out some spinning time. It has the potential to be very relaxing – and sometimes I feel like I’m running myself into the ground with my designing and volunteer commitments.
I had very good intentions to flit around the Fiber-In and take lots of fabulous pictures with my new camera. This did not happen. I got there and I went to take some pictures and found that the light in the conference room was just awful. And I am just not experienced enough with my camera yet to work around that kind of low lighting. So I put my camera away. It was either that and spend the whole Fiber-In with my camera manual trying to figure out the lighting. And that’s no fun. But this is how our booth was set up.

Our Booth

The traffic seemed a lot less this year. I met some nice folks, but I only sold a handful of patterns sadly. But look at all the pretty spinning wheels!

Room View

I have one of these batts. Specifically made in beautiful purple tones for me. I want to spin it, navajo ply it, and make it into a new design.

Beautiful Batts

But first I have to practice. So practice I did. And practice I will!

Green Mini Batt



  1. Sharon

    I’m sorry that I had to miss the Fiber In this year! Thanks for posting pics so that I can be a little jealous. And your spinning looks great!

  2. Natalie

    I was bummed I had to miss it this year too…but LOVE all the batts!! I want some in my stash!!!


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