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I am pretty sure I am too old to say fly. Even though the Fly Girls were a thing on Living Color when I was young. But I refuse to say fleek, so I’m running short on options that spring to mind. My next resort will be to hit up the site that lists adjectives starting with a certain letter so I can continue this streak of madness.
Today’s Format Friday offerings includes one that is inspired by the beginning of football season. I was never a football girl. Until my boys started playing it. So now I’m football mom. I’m already sporting a football t-shirt for tonight’s pre-season game (my baby is starting!!!) and I’m heading up to school in a few hours to help serve dinner for the team. So our first Format Friday pattern is the Fangirl Hat!


The Fangirl Hat is especially awesome because it doesn’t have to be for a sport team. And it doesn’t have to be for a girl! Pick your two favorite colors (Hogwarts anyone?) and knit yourself up a sweet hat that is perfect for supporting your favorites or as a gift for the Fangirl or Fanboy in your life!


Next up is the Carnivale Cowl. This is another gift-worthy knit. The holidays are coming faster than we think, especially if you are knitting your gifts. It only uses a bit of each yarn so it’s a great leftover skeins project.


And finally I have reformatted one of my favorite patterns – Gaenor. It’s my original sideways shawl – the one that started the craziness for me. I still love sideway shawls and this is the beginning of the fun!


And just like always, all three Format Friday patterns are 50% off this weekend! No coupon code needed!


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