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Yes, I do realize that it’s so out of date to call anything a “palooza” but that’s exactly what I’m shooting for. I have a bunch of stuff in my pile that just needs to be finished. So I will finish it. I will finish (or frog if necessary) all the half-done stuff in my pile(s).

But not the blanket. I am not knitting a blanket for people who apparently don’t like me. Backstory: My husband has three “best” friends. One is female and I get along with her (and her husband and kids) just fine. Two are male. Midwestern male best friend is ok, nice enough, and has a nice wife and cute kids. No prob Bob. Local male seems to like me. But I could be wrong. I like his wife. At least, I thought I did. They invited us to stuff. My husband has had these same friends for like 25 years. I don’t know. They were supposed to come and play cards about a month ago. But they called off. I’ve been to busy to reschedule re-inviting them to play cards. Geez. But this whole baby thing is quite upsetting. I asked the man if he minded if I shirked off on the blanket. He said no. He understood. I knitted a blanket for the new baby for Midwestern male. And a hat. I think they just don’t like me. Which sucks. Because it’s my husbands good friends. But I’m sorry. I’m not gonna slave over this blanket and grit my teeth on every stitch for a baby I might not see til it’s two. I told the man if and when they call us regarding the new baby we’ll just buy something. But I ain’t holding my breath for that.

So stay tuned. Soon there will be a veritable plethora of FO’s for your viewing pleasure! (Is plethora better or worse than palooza?)


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