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A little bit down the road you will be seeing the design process for a new design that I’m working up for the Shawl Together. It will be released in December as a kit from Infinite Twist and then later in my shop. But until then you will have to be content with some sneak peeks.
When I decided to work with Cate of Infinite Twist she sent me some swatching yarn. And I got to pick two of these loverly colors to work with for my design. Let me tell you it was a super, super hard choice. So many pretties. And I love the depth in her colors.


But finally I settled on these beauties – Dune and Badlands. I love the way they play off each other and I want a whole sweater in the Badlands color – I’m just saying!


I’m so excited to show y’all what I’m doing with these yarns. As usual it’s my new most favorite thing ever. And all her little mini cakes make for some pretty nifty office decorations if I do say so myself!



There are weekly blog posts and such you won’t want to miss over at the Infinite Twist site for Shawl Together!


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