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Boobie Blitz continues and is going awesome! I’ve had $70 in donations and $250+ in pattern sales! The t-shirt sales are a little harder to account for because that is a team effort. So thank you, thank you, thank you! But I still have  aways to go. So here we go with your daily reminder of ways you can help:

  • Donations to my 3-Day Walk are the easiest way to do it and these donations are tax deductible!
  • Knitters can get any of my PicnicKnits Patterns for 25% off and all proceeds are going to my walk.
  • Non-Knitters (muggles?) can buy t-shirts from our Etsy Shop!
  • And anyone can help by helping me publicize my cause! The more folks I can get over here the better chance I have of reaching my goals!

In 3-Day news I picked up my air mattress and my duffle bag for the event. I splurged and got myself an Eddie Bauer self-inflating mattress. I figure I’m gonna be super tired and achy at the end of each day and I deserve that little bit of luxury! I tested out the inflation/deflation process this morning and let me tell you, it was so worth the money. And I got a 30″ rolling duffel bag to pack everything up in. I need to test out what I’m going to pack soon, and come up with some way to make my duffel stand out!

I had mentioned at the beginning of this that I would share some of my designing process. So here goes, a little picture collage of what goes on when I design. This isn’t always the way it goes, but it does seem to go this way when I put any kind of deadline on myself.


For this design I really wanted to do something ribbon inspired. But honestly I’ve seen a few things with lace ribbon patterns  and I did not like them at all. So at first I thought I would do something with a modified rib pattern. And then I considered a stockinette body with a really intricate lace edging. But then it just wasn’t coming together right. So I swatched a simpler border, and then I found a really pretty lace pattern in one of the Barbara Walker books. I’ve considered it before, but hadn’t found the right application. But when you look at it just so, it looks like hearts and ribbons. Not overtly so, but a perfectly subtle sort of thing. And from there it just went.

Oh and it’s prize time! Today’s prize is something cozy for people who don’t live in Florida. Just kidding! It will make a very warm & cozy shawl, but Florida people have a few days per year when they might wear it. There’s even a bit of a chill in the air in the mornings here already! Today’s prize is one jumbo skein of Baby Twist by Alpaca With A Twist and a Cordelle pattern to go with it.



So for today’s comment to enter, I need a name. A name for this new pattern that I’m working on. Oh the pressure of a name.

I was thinking something along the lines of hope, faith, courage. But I don’t want to use anything that’s been used before. So comment away, give me your best original name ideas for this very pink shawlette!


  1. Lynn

    Hmm. Well, this may not be very original, but how about the Love Light Shawlette. The color name is Light of Love, right (I have a hank of the same!) and the walk is about remembering love and inspiring/showing the light to others…

  2. Jeniffer

    I think speritus is the latin word for hope, could always look to another language for ideas, it looks beautiful so far

  3. sillylittlelady

    Rosa Esperanza (Pink Hope) would be a good name for the shawl, its light and elegant just like you want the shawl to be 🙂

  4. Cindy Oertel

    I love how you show your process in designing, very interesting. I was thinking of this verse that has faith, hope, trust and love but the greatest of these is love. And when you love yourself you take care of yourself and I was thinking that this shawl kinda of embraces all of those so how about Embrace with Love or just Embrace or Embraceable – there is a really old song called Embraceable You too.

  5. Michelle

    I would call it Espère, which is French for hope! I also like Odvaha, which is Czech for courage. 🙂

  6. Tilly

    I think I would go for something like ‘Ever Hopeful’ or ‘Keep The Faith’ though having said that I love the first suggestion of ‘Love Light Shawlette’.

  7. nicky

    Well my choice is a bit stronger than others and though the yarn and pattern seem to be soft, I believe that the meaning should be strong like breast cancer survivors and those embarking on the journey to beat breast cancer, so my name is “destroy and conquer”.

  8. Heather

    I am horrible with naming things. Really! My daughter wasn’t completely named until I was in the hospital having her! lol How about “Breath of Hope”?

  9. Amy

    Well, how about Honor? Both my mother and my maternal grandmother are survivors of breast cancer. I love the idea that I’m honoring them when I walk.

  10. jane

    How about ‘Love and Light”. My sister-in-law died of breast cancer in 2009 and when sending out a card, email, letter, she always signed it with “Love and Light”.

  11. Julie

    “Dawn of Hope”. I had a couple of others, but they weren’t unique in a rav pattern search 🙂

  12. Heather

    I love words they are fun to play with. What about a synonym of any of those three?Hope I love Aspire maybe (Aspire in Pink)
    Faith how about Confidence (maybe Pink Confidence)
    Courage is full of words how about Fortitude , Mettle, Spunk, Tenacity,Defiance (maybe Fortitude in Pink) or use any of those words just alone.

  13. christine from Jax

    If I were you, I would name it in honor of your aunt and mother-in-law.

  14. Christel

    How about “The Greatest of These”? I take that from 1Corinthians 13 (the love chapter) “Faith, hope and love, but the greatest of these is love.” Am loving your designs!! I have 2 on the needles right now–Bakersfield and Daphne Anne.

  15. Tammy

    I see Christel just beat me to this idea, but we’re thinking along the same line – I think Corinthian would be a good name, because of 1 Corinthians chapter 13 in the Bible.

  16. knittaroo

    Wow, a lot of great suggestions here! Not sure I can add much to them, but how about “Gentle Strength” (for the inner strength of the women fighting cancer and the gentleness of the shawl embracing them), or “Jeanne d’Arc” for the strength they show in combating it?

  17. Amy

    How about Loving Comfort?

  18. Knittingdancer

    I am not good at naming patterns, I thought “Wrapped in Hope”.

  19. Kristen

    Pink Phoenix? ie- risen from the ashes of cancer…

  20. Kate

    I would call it Komen … surely that says everything you need it to say!

  21. Amy

    Maybe ‘Élan’ (vigorous spirit or enthusiasm) 🙂

  22. Elisha

    I love the “Love and Light” idea. It is something I have taken to wishing people as well. My idea for the shawlette is “Staying abreast of hope” because I love a good boobie pun.

  23. Roxanne

    I have the following:
    “Pink and Proud”
    “Forever in Love”
    “Tender in Pink”
    “Wrapped in Love”
    “Premonitions” (Being prepared for things to come)
    “Pink Valor” or “Valory” (Spirit and Courage)
    “Intrepidity” (meaning fearless & brave & courageous)
    “Dauntless Delight” (being fearless & bold)

  24. Jennifer

    Pretty in Pink

  25. knittinhoney

    hope and courage

  26. Kris

    “OOO Baby! Shawlette”

  27. april

    It’s been said above, but I have to agree with esperanza. I think that Spanish it THE most beautiful language, and when I name designs I almost always ‘name’ them, and then translate that into Spanish for the ‘real name’.

  28. vickie b

    inspiration for a name

  29. Tina

    ooh love some of them names!

  30. Rhonda

    All of the names above are amazing! I wish I was as creative as all of you!

  31. Debbie G.

    Oh good grief, I stink at naming things. My options are “From the Heart” – ’cause what you are doing is out of the generosity of your heart and because the design has heart thingys in it – or – “Pink-a-palooza” – just because 🙂

  32. DG

    Pink Lemons, for when life hands you a lemon, make (pink) lemonade?

  33. Lara

    Three Maidens, as a complex pun on your desired of hope and faith, the theological virtues, and Dante’s Divine Comedy.


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