Four and three and firsts

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I slept so late today that I’m combining the specials for the fourth and third day with a few firsts. Last night I made my first batch of sugar cookies where I piped outlines and used flood icing. I used the techniques and recipes from Bake At 350.  (Thanks Sharon for the linky-loo!) My cookies look nothing like the marvelous creations highlighted on that blog, but I am crazy happy with how I did for my first try.

So for today’s (and tomorrow’s) Christmas specials I am offering $2 off any of these patterns which are some of my firsts in any given category with the coupon code “snowflake”.

Wormy Socks – not my first socks published, but the first ones I designed. And a shot out to my dear friend Kimber who could use some virtual hugs today.
The Alseid Hat – the first hat where I felt like I had really come up with something different and special.
The Gaenor Shawlette – my first sideways shawlette and my first real taste of success!
And the Debussy Shawlette – my first of the Seven Songs, and in one of my favorite colorways ever – Strawberry Crab Bugga.

So use the code “snowflake” and go and grab $2 off any or all of these firsts of mine. I’m going back to making cookies!

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  1. Brenda

    Those cookies are AWESOME!!


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