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I had a lovely post about my Rogue here. Let’s see if I can recreate it. Otherwise the keyboard might be getting the bamboo under the spacebar torture treatment.

As I was saying before I was so rudely interrupted by burping internets, I’m a follower. And the next project for this lemming is Rogue. Yes, I know it’s a year late. I’ve been loving it for awhile, but I really need a cardigan for a Floriday style winter “coat”. And steeking really skeered me. But then I found the cardiganizing directions. And there were no excuses left for ole Corrina. Except the yarn excuse. I had been looking at yarns for awhile and couldn’t decide. But then I went into my LYS and found this. Cascade 220 in color 8013, Walnut Heather. And just enough skeins to make my sweater. It was fate. Fate, I tell you.

So here’s my progress on Rogue thus far:

I did the ribbed hem instead of the twisted. I didn’t want to deal with the bias in an open front sweater. I only did four rows as well. I thought the 12 row hems were overkill. I knitted the hem right up into my sweater. I did do a turning row. I think the purl bumps make a nice finished bottom.

The cables are not super hard, but the increases used to begin the closed loop cables were a little tricky. But I figured it out.

I realize it’s still in the high 80’s here. But soon, soon I tell you, the temperature will begin to drop. And if it goes under 60 (gasp!) I will have my Rogue at the ready. Of course all the other thin-blooded folk around here will be in down coats, hats, mittens, and scarfs at the sign of sub-60 temps, but we just laugh at those people. Laugh at those people in my stylish lemming sweater.


  1. Karyn

    oh we’re gonna be so stylish in our knitted cardigans while real floridians dress up like they were heading to the north pole. i will probably have to make mine in acrylic though. boo for bills eating up our paychecks! anyway, i think i’m making revolution from new knitty. let me know when you’re up for a knit date. i can’t wait to see your rouge!

  2. candsmom

    That is a GORGEOUS color!! Never underestimate the power of kismet. And I didn’t realize there were cardiganizing directions for Rogue, so thank you for the tip! If it dropped into the 60’s here in Hawaii, I’d probably need thermal underwear. 🙂 AC is good enough incentive for a Rogue around here!

  3. Jennifer

    If you’re going to be a lemming, what a way to do it. Rogue is one stylish sweater, and the color you picked is fabulous!


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