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I have thoughts of making this a regular feature. Each Friday sharing with you some things I love. So without further ado…

I *love* my new part-time job. I had no idea how much I missed working in a yarn store. I love helping people, I love being around the yarn and the crafty people. And I hate to admit this, but it’s nice to have a once a week grown-up day. I actually think that in the near future I might be taking up stitching. Because there are so many beautiful things there. If you’re local you should visit. I’ll be off the next two weeks, but normally I’m there on Wednesdays. The owners are constantly getting new and beautiful yarns in, and it really is my new favorite place to be.

I love the shop, and it’s irreverent fun names and ideas, and I adore the woman. My collaboration with her on the sock clubs has been fabulous fun and it was an opportunity that was not to be missed. We’re taking the summer off, but I’m looking forward to what we’ll come up with for the fall!

Another great shop with another great woman behind it! One of these days I’m gonna get serious about spinning. I’m thinking about wheels and when I get one I will be stocking my new fiber stash with her stuff. I already have a few things and what I do have is just freaking gorgeous.

If you have suggestions for Friday Favorites, let me know. I only want to recommend things I have personal experience with (or trust someone who does) so let me know!

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  1. Karyn/Kaia

    Ooooh! You work at A Stitch in Time! That’s so awesome. I’d love a job in a yarn shop, but sadly they never seem to need new staff.
    Also, lots of love to the Minerva socks! They are gorgeous.


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