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I’ve been a frogger this week. Mostly because I haven’t been paying attention. I’ll be knitting merrily along on the second of the Seven Songs and then I’ll realize that about a million stitches ago I made a kind of crucial mistake. This is *not* because the pattern is hard. I think my brain is just trying to be at too many places at once.
My body has been in too many places at once as well. Basketball practices, wrestling camps, knit in public, arena football games, driving all over town to look at houses to buy. Shoo-wee. This is the second song hanging out at the Jacksonville Knit In Public *before* I realized that I was being too chatty.


If you were at the knit in public and you were curious about the yarn – it’s Bluetopia from Liberty’s Yarns in the Absinthe colorway. This is what it looked like after ripping out a ton of rows and beginning to do crochet hook surgery so that I didn’t have to rip out any more.


And then I went to the Sharks arena football game. I really didn’t have any interest, but it was a work party for my husband’s company and the boys had a blast. But I was able to concentrate on my knitting and get back on track.


Yes, that is a giant floating shark blimp. And that was not the craziest thing I saw at the game. But anyhow, the shawlette is back on track and I’m still shooting for a July 1st release!

And if anyone knows how to buy a house and move a family of four without snatching myself bald, could you please let me know? I’m looking at all this stuff, and all the deep cleaning to do, and the crazy amount of work ahead of me, and it makes me wanna cry a little bit.

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  1. Brenda

    I’m keeping my fingers crossed you find your dream home!


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