Gah. And Grumble.

by | Nov 18, 2009 | Uncategorized

For a moment there I felt like I was on a roll. Design ideas were just pouring out of my head. Pouring I tell you. I sat at Sugarbee’s house this morning and charted up 2 complete shawl patterns. I had stitch pattern combinations selected for three new pairs of socks. But then I lost track of one of the stitch patterns.
And I just spent hours going through all my stitch dictionaries to find it. And finally the angels sang and there it was. Perfect in its simplicity, begging for the ribbing to flow right into the leg pattern for the sock. And it was even the right stitch count to do four repeats for a man-sized sock.

But someone beat me to it. It’s already been published. Of course it has. Nothing is new in the world of designing. It was a lazy way to design a sock anyway. So I got my comeuppance, and now I’m off to do better, to be more inventive. To come up with something more original than the status quo. I can do better. I’ve come up with some very pretty things. I just need to do better. To use my stitch dictionaries as a starting point (like I did in Minerva’s Tower) and not as plug and play.

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  1. Sara

    Aw man! I’m sorry. That stinks 🙁


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