Gettin’ froggy with it

by | Sep 13, 2005 | Uncategorized

Froggy takes one step at a time;
The way that he moves has no reason or rhyme;
He hops and jumps, dodges and ducks
Cars and buses, vans and trucks

If you remember that song and the album it was on, well… then you probably enjoy that VH-1 show I Love the 80’s. Yes, I was an arcade kid.

I frogged the peaks and valleys socks. The color wasn’t doing the right thing. The top was gradual waves and the next part was just stripes. It looked wierd. I even picked up another set of size 1’s to work on it. I’m trying to have the strength to NOT recast on for these socks in another pattern. I’m really trying hard.

I may actually have a nice big carthatic frogging session today. The moda dea man socks are not gonna work. And the starter stockinette socks… well let’s just say they are not really for me. They are cascade 220 on on size 3 needles. So they are crazy thick and heavy. I’m thinking that lovely yarn mix might make up a very cute bag. So I should frog them as well.

That would take me down to 5 wips. The gator mitts may never happen. The fun fur scarf I should really whip up. I have a friend in Ohio who would really love those colors. The mariposa… I don’t know. I’m not sure if it will ever fit quite right. I could frog it and set the microspun aside for a top for next summer?

I’m actively working on the lace shawl. But I can’t really pick back up the kitt trinket bag until I reach a breaking point in the lace shawl, as it uses the same needles. I have to finish the green man socks. But the man is on my sh*t list so I can’t really stomach working on those right now.

It’s not as pathetic as it sounds, is it?


  1. GretchenX

    Hey – you had 9 WIPs earlier – this is a sign of positive time management on your part!!!

    And if it makes you feel any better, I’m planning on making a sweater out of sock yarn. Yes, the 2.75mm needle size sock yarn. So if you want, I’ll ask that they keep the padded room next to mine free for you for weekend visits.


  2. mamma

    Where ya been? Hope you’re alright. Just thinking of you.


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