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Today I am in full on Christmas gear. I have on jingle bell earrings, a Christmas tee with Santa Claus, and Christmas socks that are striped red, white, and green with silver sparkle. I had to work the ice cream sales at school. It was for the children. Don’t judge me.
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I am feeling much more spirit, although I am sad to say I still have not put up my tree. I am planning on rectifying this tonight. I don’t care what has to happen, tonight there will be tinsel! Fortunately the man has already decorated the mantel and we’ve been sporting Christmas lights on the front of the house for weeks.

But today I have a gift for you! Did you know you can send patterns as gifts? All you need is someone’s Ravelry name OR their e-mail address. See that nifty little “send as gift” option circled in red there on the right? You click that, put their info in, put in your own Happy Holidays message and you’re good to go! Easy peasy!

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And right now if you buy a gift for someone I will give a gift to you! It won’t happen automatically, but I will be checking every hour for gift purchases, and if you give a gift I will send you a coupon for $6.00 off your next PicnicKnits purchase. Which means a single pattern is FREE! How do you like them apples?

I’m calling it the GOGO sale. Give One Get One! I will be checking every waking hour (EST) to send out the coupon codes and will catch up on overnight purchases first thing in the morning. So go! Give! Get!


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