Goals are good.

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First off, the make your own e-book special is still running. Until the end of this weekend, you can choose any 6 PicnicKnits patterns, use the coupon code “ebook” and get them all for only $20. That’s $16 off the regular individual price. So go! Make yourself an e-book.
But now that I am officially not sick I just have to get back into the swing of things. And things are swinging. The next 6 weeks the boys have so many activities that it makes my brain hurt just to think about them all. And I need to get back into properly managing my time around here. If I expect to get anything done I can’t be lollygagging through life. So I’ve set some goals. Important yarny goals.


I want to make myself a sweater. Out of that there Jaeger. I’ve had this yarn for years. And I’ve swatched a few things in it, but now I’d really like to knit with it.


And I want to make the perfect shawlette out of that. I’ve wanted that color forever and for my birthday this summer I finally got it. It’s Skinny Bugga in Dragonfly Tattoo. And I just know it will make something gorgeous, I just have to show it what to be.

The funny thing is, as I went through my paltry stash, those were really the only two yarns that jumped out at me. So either I need to buy more yarn, or I need to set up a new project so I can solicit some new yarns from indy dyers. Because I really loved working with the indy dyers on the Seven Songs. What yarns are you longing to work with?



  1. trillian42

    Hee! I know that color! 😀

  2. Christel

    Your yarns are beautiful!! I just want to find the time to finish something, anything!! I have several projects on the needles but keep getting sidetracked with life! Work is sorta necessary right now! It’s not good if I don’t show up!


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