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Things have been a little crazy lately. Maybe a lot. There are appointments and meetings and practices nearly every day. And I found myself falling prey to the glorification of busy. How are you someone will ask? “Crazed as usual” is my standard reply. But busy is not a badge of honor. Crazed is not something to aspire to. And then I started to look at my schedule, really look at it.
It’s not that bad. Right now my older son is in his first year of high school football. There are a lot of practices, and games every Friday night. But it’s good for him. He loves it, and he’s having a blast. So that is non negotiable.

My younger son started his football league this week. It’s two practices a week and games every Saturday morning. But again he loves it and it’s good for him. Plus he’s looking forward to high school football next year which will simplify our schedule with both boys doing the same thing.

What else is going on? Boy Scouts. But that’s a constant, and the boys are working towards Eagle Scout, and if we miss a week once in a while it is not the end of the world.

And then there’s me. I have a fair few meetings, but I’ve tried to cut back on my volunteer commitments. But I have lined myself up nicely with a career that can go anywhere the boys need to go. I have a husband who brings home the majority of the bacon so I can do what I love and I am blessed by that. And during the school day, as long as I’m focused, I can get a ton of work done.

It’s a good life.

So the next time someone asks me how I am, I will tell the the truth. “Very good, thank you!” And I will bring my knitting with me to all the places I go, and remember how truly blessed we really are. And what knitting am I bringing along with me right now?


This is the 5th sheep worked up in a gorgeous skein of Baah Yarn MCN (merino/cashmere/nylon) in the richest, deepest purple I think I’ve ever seen. It’s called Winter Purple and to make the most of it, I’m working up a very open lace body pattern for this one. Yes I know, you can’t tell it’s open. It hasn’t known the magic of blocking yet!

The 5th sheep will be released um, this week. I know, very specific right? I’m hoping to get it out before it’s “due date” which is the 21st. Weekends aren’t great for releasing new patterns for me! If you want to make sure you get it automatically, you can buy the Seven Sheep e-book!

Seven Sheep Cover

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  1. Brenda

    Great post…and a good reminder too!


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