Gratitude and then some.

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I have to say I am overwhelmed and so grateful for the positive response to the Gaenor pattern. I loved making it, and I’m touched that so many people have fallen in love with it as well. Thank you!


We finally finished up boy birthdays this past weekend. The boys’ birthday are 5 weeks apart, so we normally do some sort of celebration together. This year we took some friends to see 9 and then we came back to the house for video games, and video games, and video games, and oh yes, some outside nerf dart wars, and ice cream and cake. Small turnout, but we had fun.

The cake was gator style, obviously. My boys have become quite the gator fans. I guess it is inevitable living here. This my friends was the first store bought cake I have EVER served for a birthday. Ever. I ran out of time this week due to some poor planning on my part, and opted to buy a cake instead of make cupcakes. I can live with this decision because I made them real cakes on their actual birthdays.


Anyhow we had a nice time. The last birthday guest didn’t leave til nearly 10pm, so we must have done something right. In other news, aka the weird world that I live in, this is what my 11 year old does when he gets his hands on the etch a sketch. Yeah. I can’t even write my own name with the blasted thing! (Do you see the skull on the sail? I mean really!)


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  1. trillian42

    Wow. THAT is some seriously impressive Etch-a-Sketch-ing!


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