Green Pettine?

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Did you know that Green and Pettine rhyme? Actually I think I name most of my patterns so strangely that most folks have no idea how to pronounce them.Β  So here’s a primer for the ones that I think are open to interpretation:

Gaenor (GUH-nor) – Um, I can’t remember where I got this one. Or why I decided it was pronounced the way it was. But some folks refer to it as the Gloria Gaynor shawl, so everytime I’m thinking about it I end up singing “I Will Survive”

Argante (Are-GONE-tay) – This one is a name from Arthurian legends. The Queen of Avalon.

Katara (Kuh-TAR-uh) – This one is easy. This is named after the heroine in the cartoon series Avatar: The Last Airbender. Which is awesome for grown-ups and kids. I can’t wait to see the movie. This was one of the few designs I named sort of based on color. Katara is from the North pole where it is icy and watery – like the yarn color.

Lotier (Low-TEE-ay) – This one isΒ  French(ish) for lotus. I thought the lace pattern I came up with looked like lotus flowers.

Sariel (SAR-ee-el) – This is a rarely used name for an Archangel. The Malabrigo colorway is Archangel. I soooo wanted to photograph this shawl draped over an angel statue but I couldn’t find anything locally.

And of course Pettine (PUH-teen) rhymes with green. And Pettine is a variation of a word for little scallops. Which I thought the lovely top edging looked like. And it’s the reason we are here today. It’s a PicnicKnits contest!!!!

Lettuce Malabrigo

Today’s contest is for one skein of the loveliest green Malabrigo sock yarn – Lettuce to be exact, and the Pettine pattern to go with it! If you’ve not used the Malabrigo sock yarn, well it’s just as squishy and delicious as it looks!

Here’s how you play. You leave a comment with your favorite color – and your favorite fingering weight yarn (if you have one!). All comments for this contest must be posted before 6AM Eastern Standard Time on Friday May 14th. I will choose a winner by random number on Friday morning. You will receive the yarn and a hard copy of the Pettine pattern. Anyone in the world can enter. I will tell you that I will be sending the package 1st class US mail, so if you live somewhere very far away it might take a bit to get to you. But it will get there.

Good luck!


  1. Tiff

    I love a deep forest green you know the kind that makes you think the picked right from the forest type of color

    and that is Lovely pattern! either way its going into the queue!

  2. Ida

    Purple.And I don’t have a true favorite.

  3. Cindy

    That “lettuce” color of green is awesome!

  4. Selana

    I love all shades of red and my favourite fingering weight yarn so far is Blue Moon Fiber Arts, Socks that Rock

  5. Linda B

    If I had to choose a favorite color it would be blue, but I also love earth tones, jewel tones, autumn colors. My favorite fingering weight has to be Malabrigo. It’s beautiful, soft, and knits so wonderfully!

  6. LC

    I love aqua best. And my favorite fingering yarn is collinette jitterbug! in Lagoon!

  7. Lobug

    Greens are my favorite color. Especially dark greens.
    Fingering weight yarn?? Well, I would have to say The Unique Sheep’s fingering yarns are my fave’s! πŸ˜€

  8. Lynn

    When it comes to what I wear, blue is my favorite color. If you look at my stash, you will find that blue and red are my dominant colors, but I have this growing fondness for greys and silvers in all aspects of my life. Favorite fingering weight yarn is a bit up in the air. I’ve always loved Regia Silk, but the squishiness of Malabrigo sock makes it a likely contender, even though I’ve not actually knit with it.
    How’s that for a long answer to a short question?

  9. Bad Jen

    I lurve reds. Cherry Tree Hill is on top at the moment for fave fingering weight (maybe because of the yummy socks on my feet).

  10. laura

    Beautiful pattern! Blue, blue, my world is all blue! Don’t really have a favorite yarn…..

  11. jane

    Blue, any color of blue, dark,light, mixed with colors, greenish blue, grayish blue, you get the picture.LOL! My favorite fingering yarn is Malabrigo. If it is Malabrigo, I LOVE any color.

  12. Kathy

    I love pinks! And greens. And oranges. And reds…. It’s hard to pick just one!
    My favorite fingering weight yarn is Socks that Rock. I love the twist of the yarn.

  13. Stephannie

    Favorite colors? Too many and too mood-dependent! But natural colored greens; blues; grays; browns. And occasionally a dash of red.
    oh – and some purply-blues.

    Fingering weight favorite? also hard to say. I really love how the MCN blends feel. But I also enjoy working with other fibers too.

  14. Helen

    My favorite color right now is blue. It changes though. My favorite fingering weight yarn for socks is Hazel Knits Artisan Sock.

  15. kittyfish

    Favorite Color: Eggplant PurpleFavorite Fingering: That’s a hard one. I really like ShibuiKnits Sock for great stitch definition and Dream in Color Smooshy for the smooshy-ness factor.

  16. .: tani :.

    Found you via twitter (gotta love those hash tags)….my fav color is black – but definitely NOT to knit with. Most recently I’ve been obcessed with all shades of green, mint green, spring green, forest green, you name it. I really don’t have a fav fingering weight yarn…depends on the project I guess. I’ve recenly acquired a lot of malabrigo sock!

  17. Cindy in Happy Valley

    Anything purplish…..
    Are two OK? Dream in Color Smooshy and Starry, and Handmaiden Casbah…..OK, three.

  18. Kaia

    Anything Malabrigo does it for me. Sadly I have to travel to find it, cos our LYS is all about the acrylic and the 100% cotton. And my favourite colours is purple and green, sometimes in combination!

  19. Tabetha

    My fave color is the deep wine colored purple.
    And it is a toss up between my two top fingerings: I love Bijou Basin Ranch’s 100% Yak in Fingering and, even though she didn’t MAKE the yarn, Tina of Green Strings by Sugarbubbie is one of my favorite dyers of fingering weight yarn (her Whisper sock is luscious, especially in the “Crushed Berries” colorway).

  20. Kelly

    I love the cool colors-blues, purples, greens.
    Favorite fingering weight, that’s tough, but I really love the Sanguine Gryphon Bugga and Little traveller I got at Stitches.

  21. Heidi

    Right now, my favorite color is the gorgeous purpleish/pinkish shade that is on my lilac tree alongside my house. It’s absolutely stunning, and I wish that I could find the exact shade in Malabrigo, which just so happens to be my favorite yarn in ANY weight.

    Thanks for the contest… good luck to everyone!!

  22. Amy

    Cornflower blue is my fav. I have to admit that my favorite sock yarn is Jitterbug, I just love the tight twist and puffy stitches. I have only used it once, though! πŸ™‚

  23. Lisa

    My favorite color is pink! But that green is oh so lovely!!! mmmmmm…. green.
    Fingering weight yarn…. I’m using Cascade Heritage right now and I’m really surprised how soft it is and what a delight it is to knit with!!!

    I haven’t had the chance/luck to knit with malabrigo sock but I hear that it is a dream to work with as well!

    Your patterns are all so lovely!

  24. Rebekah

    blue/green, on the blue side though! (think tidepool heather…)

  25. marianne

    favorite color – tiziano red. or terracotta. or lettuce green. I can’t decide!favorite fingering weight yarn – malabrigo sock!
    thanks for this contest!

  26. Amy

    My all-time favorite color is red. My favorite fingering weight is Cherry Tree Hill. This is a lovely pattern.

  27. Brenda

    I love pink!!! My favorite sock yarn changes all the time, but an all time fav would be Jitterbug…and Pagewood Farms…and Malabrigo…and Madeline Tosh Sock….and….and….and….

  28. Nancy

    What a great contest!! I luv all your shawls and have them in my favs – You are such a talented designer/knitter! My fav colors are blues, greens and purples but yet I luv all colors….I luv Malabrigo, Socks that Rock and Cherry Tree Hill but have many more yarns that I would like to try. Gorgeous shawl!!!

  29. Jane

    I love blue violet, but always the reds are my favorites. Malabrigo is my all-time favorite yarn-too soft for words!

  30. Susan

    My fave color is royal blue. And my fave fingering weight yarn is Pagewood Farm Denali in ANY color!

  31. Lynn

    I love light pink, coral, red, lettuce green, plum, and…. Too many pretty colors to decide which one to knit next. Just like all of your designs – love them all! Fav fingering weight would be Lotus Yarns Chakra, Kitchen Sink Dyeworks Luxe Merino Fine, Socks that Rock Lightweight, The Sanguine Gryphon Bugga, Hazel Knits Artisan Sock Yarn….. Color, your patterns, yarn – all fabulous!

  32. One Sheep

    My favorite colors tend to be blues, but I am fickle, and will go through long periods of infatuation with the rest of the rainbow, and metallics, and earthtones, and snowscapes, and night skies, and just about anything else that has an atom or two of pigment to it. I don’t have a favorite fingering (or any) weight yarn – I am enjoying playing the field too much! I can see a lovely romance happening with some Malabrigo Lettuce. The shawl is lovely, and thanks for the giveaway.

  33. Melissa

    I definitely tend to gravitate toward blues, but I like any jewel tones or anything that looks good with my olive skin. πŸ˜‰ And I think my favorite fingering-weight yarn is probably Cherry Tree Hill Supersock Select

  34. Christel

    Beautiful pattern! I have Katara though haven’t made it yet. I like Dream In Color Smooshy, Lorna’s Laces, Sanguine Gryphon and several others. I like hand paints mostly or tonals. Haven’t used Malabrigo Sock yet, but this looks wonderful. I just love yarn!!

  35. mary

    love the pattern – scallopped edges are so pretty!! my favorite color is orange – but I like to look at it more than wear it, so in knitting, I tend more toward greens and purples. my favorite fingering weight is lotus yarns chakra (merino, cashmere, nylon blend), and I bought some kitchen sink dyeworks at stitches south and think I’m going to love it too!

  36. Rhonda

    That green is so pretty, and I do love Malbrigo. My favorite colours tend to lean toward the burgandy, purplish spectrum. Right now I’m knitting with Wandering Cat Yarns House Cat SW Merino in Merlot. I’m loving it quite a bit.

  37. Lindsey

    Basically any kind of blue is an instant LOVE for me. My favorite fingering-weight yarn so far is Ella Rae Lace Merino.

  38. Julie S.

    If I had to pick a fav, I’d have to say GREEN! Any shade will do!
    I have collected a lot of fingering weight yarn, but haven’t knit with a lot of it yet. I have a soft spot for Bugga though!

  39. Ellyse

    I love orange. Orange in all shades and variations. I have used too much in the way of fingering yarns yet so I cannot comment on my favorite.BTW, I love this pattern! It is so pretty and such a neet (sp) edge.

  40. HeidiMonke

    My favorite color is greeen and my favorite fingering weight yarn just so happens to be malabrigo sock!

  41. Donna

    My favorite colors must be blue and green – because when you look at my stash they seem to dominate. Don’t know that I have a favorite yarn -but I like jitterbug, malabrigo, and any colors that strike my fancy!

  42. Shay

    Deep, royal purple is my favourite colour of the moment, and my current favourite fingering-weight yarn is a handspun camel/silk blend from All The Pretty Fibres on etsy.

  43. Kitten With A Whiplash

    I like about 9.5 out of 10 shade of blue, and most other colors about 7 out of 10 shades. I guess that makes blue the winner. Picking a favorite fingering weight yarn is impossible – there’s so many great choices.

  44. gina

    Love the pettine in green!! My favorite fingering weight is Malabrigo, I have some in armago which is a lovely chocolate brown that am knitting into a sweater. I really like so many colors that its hard to choose one in particular as my fav!

  45. Tilly

    I love Pettine! I think my favourite colour is purple though I’ve never knitted anything in the colour. At the moment I have a bit of a thing for Noro yarn so I’d have to go for Kureyon Sock yarn.

  46. Judith

    I love teal – actually all the shades of blue-green/green-blue from palest aquamarine to blue-green that are almost navy.
    But depending on the time of year, I also tend towards spring greens and amber/coppers.

    I have a lot of favorite fingering weight yarns, including my own spindle-spun ones. : )

  47. Jenny

    My favorite color (right now, in any case) would be in the brown family – perhaps with reddish undertones. The knits that I can create with that color would go well with most of my clothes. πŸ™‚ I’ve not really used a lot of different yarns, so I don’t know that I have a favorite. I’ve never knitted with Mal, but would love to. I have enjoyed all of the fibers I’ve used so far.

  48. Christina

    I love most shades of green & like Ida I don’t really have a favorite yarn

  49. Sara

    No need to add me to the contest list, but I wanted to let you know that I have several of your patterns in my cart now and payday is just around the corner πŸ™‚

  50. leslie

    red, no purple, no yellow….blue? Love them all! And, love your patterns…..have knit both the gaenor and argante in my favorite sock yarn – skinny bugga! and bugga!

  51. Knitmomma

    Purple! Not lavender, but plum, violet, rich, deep purple. It’s been my favorite for a long time now. Apparently when I was little I wanted to change my name to Violet!

  52. Brianna

    Oh dear, so much gorgeousness.
    My favorite color? Lately I’ve been loving deep, dark versions of my usual favorites. Think turquoise overdyed with black to darken, with flecks of the original color still shining through. Or the same over a healthy red wine. I think I actually have a skein of Malabrigo sock in a dark wine color that fits that description. Now I must go hump my stash.

    My favorite fingering weight yarn? Not including my own I just can’t get past the Malabrigo sock. It’s the softest merino I’ve felt and there are so many gorgeous colorways that can’t be passed up. Beyond that, possibly Handgefaerbt. The base is amazingly soft and the colorways are to die for, even if some pool like mad.

  53. Mary V.

    Tough call, but I think my favorite color is deep magenta. And, just now, my favorite fingering-weight yarn is Sanguine Gryphon Little Traveller, but that could change at any moment!

  54. Alarid

    I love red, any red. And Mal sock is easily my fave fingering yarn.

  55. Kimberly from Some Bunny's Love

    Hmm… I am in love with all sorts of yarn, and I do enjoy knitting with both commercial and hand-dyed yarns. Can I say all of them? As for color, I enjoy earth tones mixed with jewel ones. =:8

  56. cdnbull

    My favourite colour is purple, any shade, and this has been my colour since I was a child.My favourite fingering weight yarn is anything from who has amazing colours!

  57. krista Galitsis

    I love yellowy greens and my favorite fingering weight yarn is a toss up between Bugga and any Sundara.

  58. Gina C.

    Wow, hard to decide on a favourite colour. For a long time it was teal or something in the blue-green family…but these days I find I’ve got a wandering eye as far as colour is concerned! My favourite fingering weight yarn to date has been koigu kpppm (have I got enough p’s in there?); just used it for the 1st time on a shawletter and it felt lovely to knit. Have never tried Malabrigo, but would love to! A few ladies in our knit group have used the Mal worsted and it was beautifully squishy! M-m-m…that lettuce green would make one pretty pettine!

  59. Amy H.

    I like aqua/blue-green colors most of the time, but purple would be a close second. Currently my favorite sock yarn is Felici by Knit Picks, sooo soft and beautiful color combinations.

  60. Terri

    My favorite color, by far, is green. LOVE it in any shade! My favorite fingering weight yarn? Well, as of right now, I’ve only used a few so far, but Malabrigo is my favorite of them.


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