Green with envy

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So I have been doing some stash enhancing lately. Working at a yarn store always helps with that. I basically have my pick of all the beautiful yarns there. So nice. And yes, I am spoiled, why do you ask?

But I have to space out the stash acquisitions, I need them as back-up for when I run out of blog fodder. Although I do have a plan for that. I’m gonna make myself do more swatching and show y’all more pictures of upcoming design work. I have goals y’all. Real goals. But onto the yarn!

First up, acquired through one of the swap boards. My good friends have been enabling me in that regard. “You have good stash”, they say. And I think, yes, yes I do. And then I offer up my stash and it’s gone! But I’ve gotten some awesome stuff in return.

DIC Starry - In Vino Veritas

This is Dream In Color Starry in the colorway In Vino Veritas. In Wine Truth. Don’t I know it. It’s a gorgeously twisted fingering weight with real silver flecks in it. It would be perfect for a Gaenor or an Argante. But I don’t knit things twice, so it will be for something new I design. Because it’s just that beautiful.

Plymouth Eco Cashmere

This was the very last skein of Plymouth Ecco Cashmere in the shop. Such a beautiful undyed color. And I already have another skein of it. I’m thinking it might be fingerless mitts and a matching cowl. It’s so soft and lovely, and it just screams lace to me.

Wollmeise - Barist O

And finally the piece de resistance – Wollmeise. There’s a reason this is as crazy popular as it is. My dear friend ContinentalKim has made a career of obtaining Wollmeise – and has decided that sleep is unnecessary. Her crazy lack of sleep is my Wollmeise gain. Let’s just say this Barist O is not the only Wollmeise colorway I’ve obtained from her.

And while we are speaking of dear friends… it’s been one of those days. My boys are sick with some mystery ailment that is not the flu. They are on antibiotics and an obscene amount of ibuprofen & acetaminophen to control their fevers. I’ve been so stressed lately that my jaw is in a constant state of clench. But my friends are my saving graces. Always there to talk to me, to listen to me ramble, to have discussions with me when I’m losing my mind. To send me flickr pool links of the White House because they know my boys will love them, even though they themselves don’t love the Prez in rez. It’s the little things and the big things. And every single one of my dearest friends was brought to me through knitting. Every single one.

(Wow. The sappy introspective nonsense is starting early this NaBloPoMo. Sorry about that!)


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