Growing Pains

by | Aug 9, 2005 | Uncategorized

Big J wakes up in the middle of the night with his poor little legs just aching. Growing pains. I spend all day yesterday morose and lonely, eating ice cream sandwiches because BOTH of my babies are now in school. Also growing pains.

I’m working on the plan. The master diet plan that I can actually live with and will stick to. That green water nonsense was just that. Nonsense. I know better.

The chickami is coming along nicely. I’ve just finished the decrease rounds. SSK’s and K2tog’s do not mirror each other. The SSK is very noticeable where the K2tog is nearly invisible. It’s on the sides so it won’t be terribly obvious, but I don’t know why they do that.

When I picked up my size 3 addi turbos the other day, I needed to spend $5 more to get a punch on my card. She does it in $20 increments. So I bought a ball of Kid Merino. I think the colorway is called violets. It’s mostly purples and blues with some green mixed in. Oooh, wouldn’t an african violet lace patterned scarf be just lovely? I’m still working on the butterfly lace pattern for that candy ball of kidsilk haze you see pictured. Candy is more of a fuschia than that picture shows. I’m curious to see how the kid merino works up. It’s nylon instead of silk, but it’s the same weight and a smidge more yardage. And it’s $5.50 a ball instead of $13.95!!!

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  1. mamma

    The back packs are bigger than they are. So cute. Does your youngest have kindergarten everyday? In our school district they go full days but only two days one week and then three days the next.
    I love the kid merino. I’m looking to branch out from acrylics to more natural fibers, but first I gotta win the lottery (and I’ve gotta start playing). What is the butterfly lace pattern?


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