The Surly Scotsman

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No this is not an April’s Fool post, I’m actually here. And I have a new pattern – and other new patterns that will finally be coming out! So first up, we have the Surly Scotsman.



Yes, that is my crazy husband. He named this cabled hat that I designed for him – and I told him if he was gonna pick such a ridiculous name he better be prepared to make some ridiculous faces. This was easy for him of course.


This hat takes one skein of Cascade 220 on size 7 needles. The pattern can be purchased for $6.00

It’s also available in a new little e-book I’ve put out – Blue Brim Hats. It includes all three of the blue hats I designed this past winter for my menfolk for the bargain price of $8.95.

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  1. Kaia

    Since I’m over here and commenting anyway I just wanted to say, love this hat and also – I almost commented that the man looks SO MUCH like little J in the last picture. Until I remembered that um, no. It’s not possible. But those eyes! I can’t believe you both have them.


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