Guilty pleasures and the definition of pathetic…

by | Nov 13, 2005 | Uncategorized

What do you see in this picture? Ah yes. One toe-up 2×2 ribbed sockotta sock. In a lovely mix of oranges, pinks, yellows, etc. Stripes color 617 according to Plymouth. Also you see a brand new ball of sockotta in color 605. A nice mix of green, denim, tan, etc.

Here’s my defense. Today I dropped Jeremy off at a birthday party that I thought I was supposed to stay at. But no. So instead of going home, I went to the yarn store to knit. But it was the yarnstore’s birthday. And she was having a sale. 20% off of all sock yarn. If I wasn’t so frigging broke, you would have seen scary amounts of sock yarn. I wonder how long the sale lasts… But that lovely 2nd ball of sockotta was only $7.67 and that included tax people!

You might be wondering where the springtime sock it to me socks went. Well… I frogged them. Two socks on one magic loop equalled hella scary ladders. At least for me. So I decided to do one sock on the magic loop and see how it went. And I justified switching to the sockotta, because one ball makes two socks. And therefore the sockotta is not suited to two socks at once. Unless I had a very accurate digital scale that measured grams and a ball winder and swift. See how I just saved myself money by switching yarns? No?

Hey. Are you keeping track of how many socks I’ve finished in my life? Just for a nice visual reminder… here’s a link to all the socks I’ve finished before… (sing it like Julio baby!)

Are you finished laughing at me yet? I have yarn in my hot little hands to make at least 8 pairs of socks. There might be a special place in hell for me now. Complete with dpns that leech splinters into my fingers.

We have a new rule. The new rule is… Socks And. At any given time, I will only actively give my attention to two things. One pair of socks. And one other item. Period. End of sentence.

Currently it’s my tevye socks and my rogue. Why tevye socks? Cause the colors remind me of sunrise and sunset… You don’t follow? I’m sorry.

Did you see my other guilty pleasure? Cheezy celebrity magazines. Usually read while consuming diet coke and chocolate. Cause looking at all the skinny chicks makes me wanna nosh?

And if anyone is still with me…. the definition of pathetic is me, getting ready to kiss my boys goodnight, brush my teeth and go to bed. All before 9pm on a Saturday night.


  1. Jennifer

    I’m getting into socks lately too. It’s kind of a scary addiction.

  2. mamma

    Sock yarn is like crack. It only takes one or two times, then you’re addicted


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