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Hadria is my most recently published shawl, just put out this past week by the folks at Sweet Georgia. I have wanted to work with Sweet Georgia yarns for years. Literally. I have no idea why it took me this long to use her stuff. But let me just tell you – it won’t be the last time.
Merino Silk Fine is the stuff of dreams. Supremely soft, with a subtle sheen, and amazing stitch definition. Amazing. And my Hadria Shawl is worked up in two skeins to make up a sumptuous shawl that you can really wrap yourself up in.


Hadria uses size 6 needles and a crochet hook for the bind-off, but it’s much easier than it looks. The lace column pattern is easy to memorize and the intricate edging works up quicker than you would think. And it all comes together to make one of those just-right shawls.


It’s not a true triangle shape – the blocking picture below shows how you pin out the sides to make the shape that really likes to stay on your shoulders.


Hadria is available in individual download from the folks at Sweet Georgia – so go and get!



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