The Hard Way

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You would think that having been smacked in the face with this on more than one occasion, I would have learned my lesson by now. But nooooo….. apparently I am that rat in the maze. Forever shocking myself by going the wrong way.
So let me give you the benefit of my bad judgment. If you are knitting on something that you need to know when you are half done with the yarn… WEIGH YOUR YARN BEFORE YOU START. Yes, I’m shouting. On purpose.

I have learned over the past couple of years that sometimes indie dyers skeins do not weigh what they say on the label. This is ok. They are independent and I’ve learned (I thought) to weigh the skeins before starting to make sure how much I have to work with. I did not however, think I needed to do this with a commercial yarn.

The lovely yarn that I worked up my most recently shawlette in had a label that read 125 grams. So I worked my shawlette up. When I reached my midway point, I had 66 grams of yarn left. Which is well more than half and should have given me enough to finish the shawlette no problem.

You can see where this is going. Apparently the skein weighed a lot more than 125 grams. It weighed 140 grams to be exact. Too much is better than short, right? Well not in this case. In this case it left me with not enough yarn and only two options. Option A: Rip back past the halfway point and reknit the entire 2nd half of the shawl. This option was clearly not acceptable. Option B: Find some natural colored yarn and knit the last 2 inches or so of the tip. This is what I did.

But I’m still grumpy about it. Mostly at myself. But kind of at Plymouth too. 140 grams DNE 125 grams. And if you’re designing this can become a big issue. Even if you’re just knitting. Maybe you’re wondering if you’re gonna run out of yarn on a 2 skein project. Well if the first skein you knit with has 140 grams of yarns it will not be much help with this. Because 140 grams goes way further than 125 grams. And honestly a 15 gram fudge? What if the skein was 15 grams short?

But anyhow weigh your yarn. It’s in your best interest. And mine. Hopefully I’ve learned my lesson by now. Beauty pictures and a pattern coming on this puppy soon.



  1. Trillian42

    Oh, ugh. That IS frustrating.

  2. Daniele

    OH! Getting my scale out!


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