Hats & Owls & Clean Hands

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I’ve been reviewing in my head all of my things to do. So many things. I’m actually going to log into my neglected toodledo account and start using that to track things. That way I’m not dropping any balls. I never realized what a full-time job being a stay at home mom can be. Well a stay at home mom who can’t seem to say no to volunteering opportunities. Did I mention I now seem to be “coaching” the cross country team at my children’s school? In addition to being the VP of the Home & School Association (like a PTA) and all my other hats I wear around there. But I’m not complaining. I wouldn’t have it any other way.
Speaking of hats, I think I might be donning a photographer hat. Not in a “faux-tographer” try to make money just because I bought a fancy camera sort of way. Just in an artsy, I am really loving learning about the ins and outs of this. I really think this will be good for my designing business, and a good outlet for me. Sometimes the knit designing feels like it’s all I ever do. So learning photography is a good thing.


My husband came home and saw this and freaked out. “Am I supposed to buy you things with owls? Do you have an owl-thing and I didn’t get the memo? I didn’t know you liked owls.” I assured him that while I think owls are cute, the main reason I had ordered this adorable owl dish from Haldecraft was that I needed a soap dish for the kitchen and it matched my budding Fiestaware collection.


And the soaps! Could you die? They are so cute, and the pumpkin spice smell for these little guys is amazing. Like I washed my hands a good 30 minutes ago and they still smell sweet and pumpkiny. So I have clean hands, and too many hats, and I’m learning to take pictures. Speaking of hats, I have an adorable hat pattern to release this week. And the fourth song will be out for individual purchase tomorrow. I’m just gonna take some detail pics today!

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  1. Lorena

    That is a really, *really* great picture of the soapies!


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