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I used to love the phones that played the cute little Hello Moto song. Dude I’m tired. That is the weakest blog opening ever. Yesterday I felt a very strong urge to blog, but I didn’t. I forced myself to take a break. That whole 30 days of doing something actually made it a habit. I wonder if I could apply that principle to other good habits I want to start… nah.


The man likes his hat. The hat is soft and big enough for the man’s ginormous Carpathian head. So yay for a happy man. If you would like to be a happy man or a happy woman for that matter, the pattern for the MacDuff hat will be coming out soon. I have test knitters testing it right now!

And as a sidenote, I’m always looking for cheap labor. Wait, it gets better. I’m looking for cheap labor that isn’t afraid to bitch at me. How much fun would that be? Someday I will be rich and famous and I will pay my test knitters cold hard cash. Right now I offer my test knitters a free pattern (the one they are test knitting) and another free pattern from my collection. (Go ahead and laugh – I know six patterns does not make a collection, but I’m working on it!) So anyhow, if you see something on my blog and you’d like to test knit it, let me know!

So anyhow, the designing mojo is back. Two patterns have gone out for testing in the past two days. So that’s good. And I got lots in the works. And school is out for the winter break. So that’s a whole month when I have nothing to do but design work. Well, except for that small interruption called Christmas.

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  1. Daniele

    I’m sure you’ll design some gorgeous creations! 🙂 Also, dude looks great in his new hat!!


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