Herstory in socks

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My brain is full. Anytime I learn something new, something old has got to go. But it’s always amusing the sorts of things that my brain chooses to hold onto. For example, I cannot remember the name of my first grade teacher, but I do remember this little ditty:

We will sing a song about women’s history
To learn about… great women in our past
We want to know the truth about the real herstory
Some knowledge that… we hope will last

I even remember the tune. I remember the older girl scout who taught it to me at camp while she strummed her guitar. I also remember the song about Stan the Lavatory Man, but it’s not quite as inspirational.

Like most things in knitting, I taught myself how to knit socks. I knit 2 pairs of socks on dpns. (I hate dpns.) One pair was superwash, but when the man accidentally machine washed them they shrank to teensy tiny. One pair the dog ate. (I’ve never forgiven the dog!) If you look at the picture below, it shows you all the socks currently in my possession. Of those there is only one pair – the pink and green ones. And they only reason there is a pair of those is because one sock was worked top-down, and one pair was worked toe-up. (Get the free pattern here!) The mauve sock in the lower left-hand corner is the Fancy Silk Sock by Nancy Bush, also knit on dpns. Every other sock on there I magic looped. I *lurve* magic loop. No, really. I would marry it if I could.


Every other single sock (and they are all singles) is my very own design. Three of the samples I knit in a size that would never fit me. But I’ve decided to stop doing that. I am going to knit my socks in my size. And even if I never knit two of the same sock ever again, at least I can wear my mismatched PicnicKnits originals with pride!


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