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by | Oct 10, 2009 | Uncategorized

It’s a local yokel sort of day. We’ll be meeting at the Riverside Arts Market around 11am for lunch, knitting, spinning, goofing, shopping, and whatever else you want to do. If you’ve not been to the RAM, you’re missing out. They have arts, crafts, produce, fresh baked bread, fresh pastas, all manner of delicious lunch food and interesting products from tons of indie proprietors. It’s a can’t miss!

So come and meet-up with your fellow fiber fiends and have a good day. I know it’s gonna be hot, but it’s cooler under the bridge and we will be down by the river where it’s the coolest.  Cool river breezes and plenty of good company and good food. The storms won’t be coming in until tonight, so we’ll be safe! Also we might be field-tripping over to A Stitch In Time afterwards to see what kind of new stuff is out on the shelves!


  1. Sara

    Sounds like a lovely day!

  2. Batty

    Fresh bread. YUM! I have a thing for the freshly-baked, heavenly-smelling carb. I can’t resist. I hope you got to have some.

  3. William Roberts

    my sister always love knitting, she loves to knit customized patterns.;,*


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