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by | Sep 29, 2005 | Uncategorized

Mostly because I’ve been wishy-washy and not of the finishing sort of variety of knitter. But I have an FO! So yay for me!

It’s the kitt trinket bag from the Mission Falls East-West pattern booklet. Worked in Mission Falls 1824 wool on size 6 addi turbos. The drawstring is crochet.

The cable pattern:

The swirly bottom:

The completed bag:

I would highly recommend this as a first cable project. In fact if anyone wants the booklet and wants to swap something else for it, let me know. It uses a variety of cable techniques and in the 1824 wool, the cables are gorgeous. I now have the confidence to make the Rogue cardigan. I just have to pick out the perfect yarn.


  1. Jennifer

    That is so cute!!!

  2. mamma

    Just too cute for words. Glad to see you. Quit hiding from us, or I’ll mail you Boyd.

  3. Karyn

    it’s beautiful. that wool is so expensive though! but worth the money, from the look of it.

    ps. i have a knitting blog too now! check my profile if you’re curious.

  4. Tvini

    I stopped by while searching for finished projects with Mission Falls wool – I have an opportunity to get some for half off – and wanted to let you know that your picture links for this post are now images of prescription drug ads. FYI!


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