Holy Hashbrowns!

by | Nov 25, 2005 | Uncategorized

That’s my 6 year old son’s favorite exclamation. Would that I should remember this cuteness when he’s 6’2″ and giving me sass.

In anticipation of new yarn coming, and to get a handle on my WIP’s, I reorganized my knitting nook. Which is really just a shelf full of yarn, needles and projects.

On the very top, barely visible, are a bunch of pictures of my boys as babies. Cause you can never have too many boy pics. Especially when your boys are as all out freaking adorable as mine.

Next we have some wips/stash. The walnut cascade 220 all nicely balled up to finish my rogue, four balls of romance knitpicks shine twist, six balls of bubblegum cotton-ease that begs to be a sitcom chic and then wips in bags. Hopeful in sugarplum cotton-ease, sweet mary jane swatch in knitpicks shadow oregon coast, and my starter stockinette socks in cascade 220. I think the starter stockinette will be frogged to make fuzzy feet. I won’t wear thick wool socks, but I will have occasional use for slippers around here.

The next shelf is just pretty in the silver baskets. A bunch of balls of knitpicks palette for socks, that gorgeous cascade bollicine baby night, and my vogue #19 lace shawl. I found a perfect earflap hat pattern in Last Minute Knitted Gifts for the bollicine. Just need to measure the little dude’s head.

The next shelf has my kitt trinket bag, 3 huge balls of strawberry twist sportweight wool-ease, my sister’s online scarf, and my striped peace fleece booga which holds all my circs and my dpns.

The bottom has my first basket with all sock yarn, all the time. I had to clean that up to make room for the sock yarn that is coming. Then we have the lovely lantern moon basket. The top has pretty yarns, and the bottom is where I hide my small stash of red heart from my beginning days.

The boys are in bed. And the man is still sick, so he’s in bed as well. And yes, this is what I’ve done with my time this evening. Shaddup.

I’m thinking about Christmas presents. Yes, I know it’s a little late. But there are only a very few people I want to knit for. I might whip up some airy scarves for the boys’ teachers. Those are only supposed to take four hours each. And I’m a sahm, so I have 12 hours to spare. And then I’d really like to make socks for the man. And maybe the cigar gloves. Although both might be too ambitious.

I need to think of something to make for the boys. Something fun and easy. I was thinking maybe some sort of stuffed animal. A special lovie from Mommy. Cause they are still my babies you know. Speaking of which, even though they are fast asleep, they need another kiss goodnight.


  1. Jennifer

    Hope you had a nice Thanksgiving! There’s nothing better than smooches on one’s babies. 🙂

  2. Karyn

    i’m so jealous! a whole bookcase full of yarn! i wish i could display my dear yarn as proudly, but the cats would tear that up in seconds…

  3. mamma

    An entire bookshelf! All I get is one lousy laundry basket and a box in the basement to keep my yarn in. Atleast the laundry basket is Longaberger 😉


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