I blame her.

by | Jul 10, 2007 | Uncategorized

She knows who she is.

I gave up on the silk/mohair scarf. Everything I was doing with that yarn combo was craptastic. Seriously bad. So for those of you keeping track, I would be down to four active projects.

I tried to cast on today for something else. It’s her fault. She sent me home with a skein of SWTC bamboo. And when I googled it, I was reminded of the lovely Silk Corset pattern I have. Unfortunately the serendipity bamboo is not meant for that pattern. Or maybe that’s a fortunate thing. I don’t know. All I know is that the swatch on my needles ain’t going nowhere. Although I am now tempted to see if it will work in Knitty’s Convertible.

But right now my fingers are itching. She was the one who helped me figure out that the new Berrocco Ultra Alpaca Light will probably be perfect for the Summer Shawlette on Knitting Daily. So now I want to make it. And how.

But I have a paper to write. And some birthday Carolan’s to drink (thanks to her!) and so I will not cast on for anything new. At least not tonight.


  1. Batty

    I love that corset pattern. Unfortunately, I think it comes in a 36 bust, and my… assets aren’t that big. Is it one of those patterns where altering it a bit would entail rewriting the whole thing?

    Cast on! Cast on!

    Umm. Don’t listen to me. I’m just jealous because you have fewer WIPs than I do.

  2. ruthee

    I agree….cast on. It is summer, hot as hell out and time to live vicariously!

  3. Kathe

    Good thing I have such a thick skin… otherwise I’d have to go get another bottle. For ME! You know, I’m not really sure that designating your WIPs “craptastic” should really count for effective WIP reduction. ::snark:: Then again, it worked for 3 of mine (that didn’t even make The List).


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