I can so hide from it. Can so.

by | Jul 8, 2005 | Uncategorized

I had a bad dream last night. All my wips used the knitting needles attached to them as scary pseudo limbs and starting crawling out of the wip basket (which is a cracked plastic laundry basket that has seen better days) and then they were marching in scary wip formation towards my bed to come and attack me and make me knit them. It was unsettling to say the least.

And I’m not sure how many times you can frog cotton ease without it disintegrating. I mean it’s just not doing good things for me at all. Last night I used to cast on for the Cream Tea camisole from knitnet and this morning I frogged that and cast for the minisweater again, except resized to fit my boobs and not someone else’s. Right now I am trying to think of something better to do with it.

So many wips just sitting there all forlorn. I really should get my ass off the computer and attend to them. Or at least lock them up so that they can’t escape.


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