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by | Oct 25, 2005 | Uncategorized

My mama was here. We had a wonderful time. I gave her my clapotis for her birthday. So it’s gone…. (please observe a moment of silence…)

So what am I up to knitwise? Good question. Well I totally surrendered to the spirit of Socktoberfest. And I cast on for some lovely lacy rib socks in that knitpicks hydrangea that I’ve had for awhile.

Do you see the problem? Maybe not. Lemme give you a clue. There is something(s) missing from this picture. Oh yes. Now you see it. There are no needles in this picture. Because I pulled them out. Because these lovely socks are not gonna fit my size 9/10 feet. I should have known that. The pattern states a woman’s size medium. But in my mind I wear the same socks (size 5-9) that everyone else does, so I didn’t need to size up. No sirree bob. But they aren’t gonna fit. And I’m too selfish to give that pretty yarn away. So I will be recasting on (again) for something with this yarn. The lacy rib is lovely, but the purl stitches are too prominent when it’s stretched out. Plus it’s slow, slow, slow knitting. At least for me.

Does that sound like total surrender to the spirit of Socktoberfest? Of course not. But Saturday night I spent about 3 hours picking out just the right shades of palette to knit fair isle and combo intarsia/striped socks in. Which will arrive sometime in November. Good move Corrina. Oh and let’s not forget how many pairs of successful socks I have completed. None. Zip. Zilch. Zero. Nada.

I also bought Wool of the Andes to do the Market Squares bag in shades of pink and grey. And some shadow in Oregon Coast to do the Mary Jane Cardigan. Four projects for $32.83. Amazing.

Wait. Here’s some more project pictures.

My rogue cardigan. The back is finished, and I’m working on one of the side panels. Splitting up the cable pattern on the neck is turning out a bit harder than I anticipated. But I’m plugging along.

The linie scarf. Yarn picked out for my sister, who likes blues, especially turquoise. Simple garter stitch skinny scarf. I tend to hate fun fur/novelty yarns, but this one is actually quite pretty and very soft. Of course it’s 10.95 for less than 100 yards, so that might be part of it.

That’s all for now folks. I have to cut out 22 foam craft masks for the fall festival this evening…. when I’d really rather be knitting.


  1. Jennifer

    I like that mary Jane cardi too. Love the knitpicks price but it’s so dangerous to my wallet!

  2. mamma

    Rogue is so pretty I want to pet my computer screen. I wear a size 9ish and I had to resize my sock pattern to fit my feet. I wonder who’s feet they’re measuring when they make a “standard size”.


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