I feel a bad moon rising…

by | Aug 19, 2005 | Uncategorized

I ran at the (virtual) mouth, I said unkind things, and I whined and complained when I am blessed and happy.

Something bad is gonna happen now. Something worse than having to clean PJ poop off of the shower curtain. (Don’t ask.) Yep, I done asked for it. Again, I’m sorry. I suck. And by complaining about my bad luck, I am now pretty darn sure that more bad luck will come. Cause I did move a while back and I tried not to give bad luck my forwarding address. But I’m sure they’ve found me by now.

I talked to Justin’s kindergarten teacher. She says, “He’s so bright”. She means, “He already knows all of the stuff I’m trying to teach these kids, and he’s a squirrel, and he won’t sit still, and he’s a disruption”. I can tell you know. My poor overly smart squirrel. Not quite six and reading chapter books. What am I gonna do with him?

I signed Jeremy up for boy scouts tonight. I think it’s gonna be very, very expensive. Ugh. But he’s so excited. And of course during the silly meeting I knitted. I cast on for my Kitt Trinket bag aka my first cable project. My LYS lady says she wrote out the chart. I think I’m gonna brave the chart. I loved using the chart for branching out. Have we mentioned that I’ve never cabled before?

I really should finish chickami before I get going on this one. I’m becoming a pattern ho. I bought one skein wonder and milinda from white lies designs. I’m kind of hoping that my sugarplum cotton-ease will work for Milinda. That would be pretty.


  1. Kim

    You do NOT suck! This is your blog, and you are entitled to whine all you want. I just didn’t want you to think I was a dead beat..LOL!

    Listen, I’m sorry about your bad luck…it stinks! But I do know where I can get my hands on some Strawberries and Cream cotton ease. How many do you need?

  2. mamma

    I’m bad about starting projects before I finish others. And I just collect patterns. I have a huge three ring binder full of patterns I want to make, not to mention I just go the Hopeful pattern, and the corset pattern, and I’ve got three patterns from white lies designs I bought last fall that I still want/need to make.

    I missed the original post yesterday. From what I gather a trade you were in didn’t go well. That’s why I never join those things. They always look like fun, and they always work so well for others, but I enevitably get the one person who loses my address and I get nothing. You and I should just be swap partners.


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