I feel so relieved…

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Now that she’s finally done, blocked and ready to go.

The boys were fighting this morning over who go to wear it for the picture. My baby looks like my baby (5) in his incredible pajamas. But my 6yo looks way too old in that picture. He’s getting too big too fast.

The boys painted a treasure chest and a birdhouse that we’re sending off to my mom as well. I miss my mom. Something terrible. And in other news…

Curly? Curly wood? You don’t say.

Yesterday I was sitting in the car line at school. By the way, I get some of my best knitting done in car line. Stuck in a car, not moving, nothing to do. It’s good times. Anyhow, I’m working on the very last repeat of my branching out when I feel a gentle “plop” on my lap. Plop? What the heck? What in the world could be plopping on my lap? And I can’t see through the haze of the kidsilk….

Now this all happened very quickly, but in my mind it was that painful sort of slow motion. Oh no. It’s a bug. A big bug. Maybe one of those bugs that Florida people say aren’t roaches, but they really are and it’s on me and if I jump out of the car like a freaking maniac, all of the other moms are gonna talk about me. Big time.

So I take a deep breath, part the curtain of kidsilk haze and peer down into my lap. It’s not a bug. It’s worse. Way worse.

It’s a three inch piece that has broken off the end of my Lantern Moon Needles. The needles I paid $20 for without blinking an eye because they work so well on the kidsilk haze.

And that gentle readers, is when I started to cry.

And my windows were open so damn it all, the other moms are gonna talk about me regardless.

The bright side is my LYS. I took the needles in and showed her. She said it was made of funny “curly wood” and that she had another pair that she had to exchange with Lantern Moon. She handed me a new pair (made of straight wood?) and sent me on my way.

And as you can see, the scarf is gorgeous and finished.

The End.

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  1. Jennifer

    Ooohhh NOOOOOO!! I would have cried too, after ripping the car apart in frustration.


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