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Sometimes when I run short on post titles I go back to the classic standards – like School House Rock. Years ago I loaned my DVD to someone and never got it back. I really need to buy it again – it’s good for the soul and makes me feel young again.
But today is the sixth day of the E-Book Extravaganza. Do you know how many days there are? There are eight. I have four e-books, and I figure 2 days per e-book to give folks a chance to take advantage of the coupon code.

Which means you have exactly three days (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday) to take advantage of the Make Your Own E-Book special. Choose 7 individual patterns from the PicnicKnits store, apply the coupon code “extraspecial” and it’s only $18.95!

And today’s daily special is again half off the The Seven Sonnets, with the coupon code “extra56“. So we’ll show off the last three of the sonnets.

Teasdale is started with a long border, and a textured crescent body.


Marlais is worked counterpane style from the center out and is offered in two sizes.


And finally Poe is a winged shawl worked top down with feathery cables in honor of my favorite poet.


I was shocked, shocked I tell you, when I realized that no one had used the name Poe for a knitting pattern (on Ravelry at least). That totally made my day when I realized I didn’t have to come up with some alternate name!

Who’s your favorite poet?


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