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Rachmaninoff is finally available for purchase! This is the sixth of the Seven Songs, and I’m very much in love with how it turned out.

It uses the gorgeous Paca Peds yarn with the heel-toe skein from The Alpaca Yarn Company. I used almost all 90 yards of the heel-toe skein, and about 280 yards of the main color. I really love the way the yarns played off of each other, and I think it will be lovely in any of the colors they offer!


And yes, that is my new backyard. I love not having neighbors right up behind us, and instead having the lovely little lake. I actually saw otters in it the other day. A far cry from the feral cat community we had at the old house.


The motifs in the border are easy to memorize, but it is lace where there is patterning on the right and wrong side rows. The shawlette is finished up with short-rows, and then stitches are picked up all the way around to do a simple eyelet edging that finishes it off and ties everything together. And I really love the shape it blocks out to:


I’m very excited to be working on the seventh song. I’m so happy so many knitters have loved the projects that I’ve come up with so far!


Rachmaninoff is available for individual purchase for $6.00 USD
Or as part of the Seven Songs collection for $21.95 for all seven songs –


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