I have a small house.

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But I have a big garage! If my counts are right about 60 people came and celebrated Halloween with us last night. It rained a bit, but everyone seemed to have an awesome time. I know I did! As usual it was tons of kids running around, screaming and covering my yard in toilet paper. What? Oh yeah, more about the TP damage later.
First up, big honking thanks. Towards the end of the day yesterday I was in that really bad position where I thought I could accomplish about three times more than I actually had the human ability to do. That’s where Kimber and Tara came in. They laid out food, they made ghosties in the garden, it was amazing – and the party would not have been ready to go without them!

Also as usual I didn’t get enough pictures. Hopefully my friends will fill in the gaps with their cameras. But here’s what I got for you.

The beginning of the spread…


Which was laid out by Miss Tara…


Miss Kimber passing out candy to trick or treaters…


My Captain America with Tara’s son…


My Indiana Jones in action…


My man, who won scariest costume at his work yesterday as a witch doctor. And who again succeeded in scaring a baby when he went out to lunch. I love the motifs that I drew on his shirt (I free-handed them). I do not love the fact that they are so crooked. And no, I was not drinking out of the orange cup when I drew them.


And then we come to the toilet paper. Sugarbee‘s son mummifying my big dude…


Tara’s son caught in the act…


And this is the picture I love. We’ve got Kelley‘s son mummifying one of the little kids – I think he mummified about three of them – such a good guy.


And if you look around in that picture above you see why I love giving parties like this. Kelley (Raggedy Ann) is looking on with beer in hand. Everyone in costume, having a good time. Families, friends. And a shout out to Carrie, who you can see in the background in her French Maid costume. Carrie it is totally appropriate for a kids’ party and I’m sorry I ever doubted you!

Because I ran around like a crazy woman, I didn’t quite get my own costume together. But I was a witchy woman – and if I lost my hat once I lost it a hundred times. Of course that might have had to do with the happy juice I was drinking out of my orange plastic cup. See? I’m so happy I totally don’t know that my husband left his face makeup all over me when he kissed me. Hope you had a Happy Halloween too!



  1. GirlMeetsNeedle

    What a fun time you guys look to be having! I’m so jealous! Next year, I swear I’ll have a party. This year, I just didn’t have the energy!

  2. Daniele

    Wow! That is definitely one party I would have loved to attend. Looks like lots of fun was had by all! 🙂

  3. Cindy

    Hi Corinna — It was such a pleasure to meet you yesterday. Your party picutres look great! It is great to get to match them with the stories. See you next time…

  4. Marilyn G aka 'Skipper'

    Hiya! I’m a fellow NaBloPoMo knitter, and I just came by to check out your blog and wish you well with the post-a-day business. Looks like you had a great Hallowe’en party — I’ll come by again soon!

  5. Kelley

    Thank you so much for hostessing such a fun party. We had a blast!


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