I like pi(e)

by | Mar 15, 2009 | Uncategorized

So I want to be a math teacher or professor when I grow up, right? So of course I like pi. And I *love* to cook, so I also like pie. So how is that I forgot today was pi(e) day? I don’t know. But when I realized I ran to the store and made a cheater’s dinner and dessert. I cheated because I bought frozen pie crust. But it was still good.
First up we had quiche for dinner. Ham and cheese, and delicious! (Yes I forgot to take a picture before we cut it.)


Then for dessert we had fresh strawberry pie.


With *real* whipped cream – i.e. not out of a can OR a tub.


Don’t you wish you lived here? Or were at least invited for dinner once in a while?


  1. trillian42

    Yes, in fact, I do kinda wish that. Probably better for my diet that I don’t, though – those look yummy!

  2. Jackie

    It looks yummy! I totally didn’t celebrate 3.14!

  3. Heather

    Send me your address and I’ll be right there. 🙂 Strawberries… drool… 🙂

  4. marcy

    Yumm! Pies good! How do you make Strawberry pie?


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