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One of the things I love to do best is teach. Teach anything. I love teaching Vacation Bible School, I love tutoring, I love teaching computers (which was my last job before I became a lady of leisure…) and I really love teaching knitters. Once a month I make a bunch of new knitters over at my local yarnstore, A Stitch In Time. And I have a tendency to want to convert everyone. Be a knitter. Like be a pepper. Wouldn’t you like to be a knitter too?
So in support of my quest to convert the world to knitters, I tend to find an excuse to bring knitting into nearly any situation. Like this Friday. Our MOMS group is having a charity auction up at school. And folks donate baskets that are bid upon. So of course I made up a knitting basket. I gave it a lot of thought. What would be best? I needed something that would be good for a beginning knitter, and that might also be interesting enough for someone who had been doing it for awhile.

I decided on a kit to make baby blankets. Yes, blankets plural. I could not decide what color yarn to buy – boy or girl. I think using plain old yellow or green is a bit of a cop-out. Commit! Commit I say! So I got yarn for both.


I’m pretty proud of the basket. It’s a collapsible Lantern Moon basket filled with 8 balls of yarn, the 8-Hour Baby Blanket book (that has 14 patterns that use 4 balls), the right size needles, a row counter, stitch markers, tapestry needles, a Lantern Moon Sheepy measuring tape, little tags that say “Made With Love For Baby” and a namaste bag to hold all of the notions. I also included a note in the basket description, “Not a knitter? Not a problem!” that let folks know they could have a free 2 hour knitting lesson if they wanted to learn. I hope it’s popular!

Oh and if you want to come to the auction, there should be lots of neat stuff to bid on. If you know me, you know where the boys go to school. 7pm Friday, and it’s $10 or a new $10 toy donation to get in the door. Desserts will be served. Should be fun!

<a href=”http://www.flickr.com/photos/57903977@N00/4115350331/” title=”DSC08418 by picnicknits, on Flickr”><img src=”https://craftstarstudios.com/wp-content/uploads/2023/10/4115350331_a34f0fb477.jpg” width=”427″ height=”500″ alt=”DSC08418″ /></a>


  1. Sara

    I would LOVE to bid on that basket. I’m so sad I am no where near your area 🙁

  2. Batty

    Great basket — and a great way to meet or create a knitter. I hope the buyer loves it.

  3. picnicker

    Wow, that is a beautiful, intricately-weaved basket. I wish I could have been there for the auction!


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